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Emergency Homes of America

EHA utilizes advanced building technologies and simple engineering principles that create sustainable, low-cost structures that can survive the violence of earthquakes and hurricane-force winds and meet the standards of permanent housing. EHA's strategy provides for safe, legal and appropriate shelter for displaced and non-displaced populations through site planning and zoning integration. EHA's choice for disaster relief structures are designed to complement and contribute to a reconstruction program through the process of being upgraded, reused, recycled or resold.


Sheltering people after disasters is a monumental task. Helping those affected onto a pathway to permanent, durable shelter solutions demands a comprehensive approach that focuses in the process itself as a catalyst for recovery. EHA offers opportunities for long-term, affordable housing and a springboard for economic and community development. For more information on how you, your company, or your organization can partner with EHA in our disaster relief projects, please contact us today.