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You can learn more about the work of the ACTS Charitable Foundation and what we are doing to help people live healthy, productive lives.

Assistance to Orphans

The Foundation informs people to the needs of orphans around the world by education, advocacy, and fundraising efforts.

The Foundation in collaboration with individuals, business, non-profits and government agencies to obtain the welfare of orphans through innovative programs that raise awareness in order to increase volunteers and money to establish homes for orphans around the world.


Cause Marketing

The Foundation advocates for social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurship education and places great importance on creating and supporting an environment that promotes the concept and the practice of social entrepreneurship.

We promote and foster "innovation hubs" and "think tanks", to help individuals gain the knowledge and skills they need to excel in social entrepreneurial endeavors. These hubs of social innovation serve as incubators from which a new generation of social entrepreneurs and change-makers will emerge.


Emergency Housing

In order to meet the emergency housing needs of disaster victims, the Foundation employs innovative strategies that chart a new direction. Our direction overcomes existing disaster housing limitations while leveraging emerging technologies and new approaches in building design to provide energy-efficient, low-cost housing options that meet permanent housing standards.

Using a well-choreographed effort that unfolds at strategically located staging areas around the country, Foundation partners are able to respond within a 72 hour window of any major incident and provide fully-equipped, healthy and secure living environments for immediate occupancy.


Hydroponic Growing

In addition to our support and advocacy of general environmental issues, we strongly support issues related to nutrition, food security and land use. The Foundation seeks to promote forward-looking technology and innovative ideas for the application of hydroponic growing strategies.

The Foundation believes that there is tremendous poverty reduction potential in hydroponic agriculture and in agricultural reform. The Foundation, in cooperation with private companies and businesses, plans to promote the use of hydroponics and other agricultural projects in the US and abroad and to use such alliances as a forum to promote agricultural reform.


Job Training

Skills is the most important feature of a person who is seeking a job. Honing skill by job training makes you ready to adapt to the real job, and acquiring the experience is also a must in order to comply whatever task may come.

The Foundation is actively promoting and boosting employer-focused training as a vital scene for skill development. We organize it with our partnership with private business, public service delivery systems and non-profit organizations to give individuals with the determination to upgrade their skills and fill the demand of opportunities, either at a workplace or by working with educational institutions to set an appropriate training.



The Foundation is dedicated to encourage and support food production innovators to help improve the food chain. We hope to change the fundamental of the food chain into full nutrition and promote well balanced diet for human healthy lifestyle.

Our relentless pursuit of prosperity in terms of food production paves the way to promotion of agriculture innovation and pulling investors to agricultural development projects. Making capabilities for farmers to perform their initiatives across the globe, the Foundation seeks to achieve goals such as improving nutrition, linking researchers with industry, and empowering supply chain system to allow farmers to sale their products to the market with micro-farming strategies.


Social Housing

Across the globe, urban populations have increased rapidly, often outstripping available, affordable housing. Social housing can be seen as a potential remedy to this inequality and housing shortage.

Social housing is a broad term referring to rental housing which may be owned and managed by the state, by non-profit organizations, or by a combination of the two, usually with the aim of providing affordable housing.

The Foundation seeks to provide housing solutions for the needy, the elderly, working households, and others that the private housing market does not adequately serve. The goal is to partner with industry innovators to provide better accommodations for low-income residents, and connect them to the greater community with improved leisure and cultural amenities